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Cheryl Ray Shari Lewis and Lambchop

The legendary Shari Lewis and Lambchop for kids of all ages.

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I How comfortable are you in your own skin? Can you stay in a room without the radio or TV and just enjoy being by yourself for hours on end; hence, Me, Myself and I; or, are you the restless one who needs to be busy every minute; needs the constant companionship of radio, TV, computer or surrounded by friends.   Life is comprised of forty percent privacy and sixty percent sociability but given the human behavior, this will vary.  The total introvert prefers eighty percent privacy and twenty percent sociability. The social aspect is based on necessary interaction with fellow humans. The extrovert has a huge appetite for life which includes travel and sociability; hence, the Me, Myself and I represent solitude, a negative factor. Their privacy level depends on their needs or mindset.  The rare “perfect balance” of Me, Myself and I, is the person who is totally comfy in their own skin, embraces both their privacy and the social

Fully Retired and Back To Work

Fully Retired and Back to Work My dad's favorite expression was,  "The hardest thing in life is doing nothing 'cause ya never know when you’re finished" . Retirement is merely ending one journey and beginning another. It should be a fun experience. Back Then You probably had a paper route at age 12 or, helped with the family business on some level. At age 18, you found a job and have worked ever since. It is the only facet of life you know and in which you are comfortable. You are now fully retired, sipping morning coffee and enjoying the morning newspaper. Just for the fun of it, you read the Want Ads for Job. Gosh, have things changed since you were in the workplace. You were and still are one smart cookie. You chose to underrate your skills on the application; then, like race horse pacing itself for the finish line, you brought your “A” game and shined like a star.  Your body tells you it's time to take a b

Self-Confidence: The Positive and Negative Factors

Self Confidence - The Positive and Negative Factors Mark Twain said he could live two whole weeks on a single compliment.  Even a dog gets a pat on the head. It’s all about self-confidence Overconfidence repels your fellow humans; low self-esteem needs lots of work so you can get out there and blow your own horn. Unfortunately, we live in a society that feeds on negative energy and derives pleasure tossing fireballs at those who try to succeed in life. The average family environment consists of either positive or negative energy which determines the emotional and physical status of our well-being. Self confidence is our basic foundation. It is a built-in component at birth, develops during childhood and sculpts itself, forming our adulthood. This precious and ever-so-fragile commodity makes a stop along the way, taking on still another form called the “False Negative” and the “False Positive” factors, respectively. The False Negative (Fact

What Your:Body Language Says About You

What does your body language say about you? You may have the most impressive resume and keep pace with the current fashion but your body language depicts the real you, personally, professionally and socially. Professionally, candidates for job interviews have been rejected on the basis of their body language. The industry seeks someone with strong character, integrity and self-confidence. During an interview, do not cross your legs, just the ankles and tuck under the chair. Sit with each hand on the arm of the chair – this sends the message I am comfortable, self confident and open to suggestions. Avoid folding your hands in your lap; it sends the message I am unable to think for myself and I am easily intimidated. By the same token, the successful candidate has been known to decline a job offer because they were unimpressed with the Employer’s persona, as well. Socially, it’s about fitting in. The attractive fashionista segment is