About Lori

I'm Lori.
Sign: Leo
College of Hard Knocks
Degree in Common Sense
3 Passions:
Ballroom, Latin Dance (trained Fred Astaire Dancer)
Writing (Product Reviews ;Field of Expertise: Self-Confidence - Absolutely love helping others acheive their lifetime goals.

Motto: I would rather lose on my terms than win on someone else's.

I have an huge appetite for life and positive energy. My core "niche" is self-confidence and positive energy, since we live in a negative society, positive thinking is our survival kit; hence, patience, persist and pursue are our weapons to overcome whatever society throws at us.

Each of my posts sends the message, you have what you need to succeed - Go For It!  Rise to the challenge and conquer.

Please share my blog with your friends. Also let me know what other topics interest you, since I am always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Also visit my new product review website www.hereiroar.com

DISCLAIMER: Please know that lilvix08, littlevixxen811, lorilogic811 and Lori B are one and the same person - "me"


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