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Last Saturday, the media got way ahead of itself and decided to call Biden as the PROJECTED PRESENTIAL ELECT.

It seems the software used for counting the votes, had a glitch. this glitch occurred in all 45 counties. A bit strange? 

The software known as Scorecard and Hammer was designed to count votes to a point…that point was up to Trump Votes…then switch Trump votes over to Biden.

This is entire scheme was organized and staged by Pelosi who owns the company that controls all the polls. How convenient. 

Votes still being counted and recounted since all of the votes had Biden's name and none for Trump. Trump votes are now being recovered, included, and counted. 

Long Story Short

Since last Saturday, the media has flooded all the networks with Joe Biden President-Elect and very little on or, not caring what Trump had to say about it.

Biden and Harris were celebrating their bogus victory last weekend and already deciding who will be in their cabinet. SERIOUSLY?!

Let’s be clear, people. The media DOES NOT GET to decide who the next president will be. This is done in the Electoral College.

The media is freaking out and trying to speed up the pretentious Biden win as fast and furious as possible for fear that Trump might reclaim his rightfully winning 2nd term as President. Can’t have that!!! At this point, the media has actually gone into denial announcing Biden's so-called cabinet after the Inauguration. Really guys! 

 Remember one thing, we had Obama shoved down our throat for eight years and when Trump was President-Elect, Obama did nothing for a smooth transition. Just sat there in shock – he really expected Hillary Clinton to win; she would continue the corruption but instead, an outsider was elected. A businessman named Donald J. Trump with an ingenious strategy who could undo all the dirt and turn America around. This man was for the people; not money-hungry or power-driven. 

Clinton never accepted her defeat to Trump and we will never accept a bogus election for Biden that Trump rightfully won.

If you are a Trump supporter, the attorneys are working to make this right and have Trump reclaim his victory.