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The Count: Trump vs. Biden

  Trump won by a landslide. This is the living proof before the big switch of votes from Trump to Biden.  Election fraud at its best. If you are a Trump supporter, share this far and wide. 

Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRA...

This, alone, is key evidence of corrupt Biden and his Swamp Creatures. He tipped his hand or slip of the lip, 

Senator Ted Cruz grills Zuckerberg and Dorsey, CEO of Facebook

Trump, The Warrior President

  ‘I Was Shocked by Fox News’ Urgent Message From David Horowitz Dear Newsmax Reader: Donald Trump won, but the  media just decided they want to declare our next president. When I wrote  BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win,  I warned the far left in the Democratic Party (socialists, they call themselves) and the radical media wanted to stop Trump  at all costs . I laid out in  BLITZ  every step they would take. When my book was being written, people would never have believed massive protests and riots would take place, largely over race. But I did predict it. As I explained in  BLITZ,  their real goal was to destabilize the U.S. and try to stop Trump. The media became the far left’s accomplices. We saw it at Fox News, where “moderator” Chris Wallace worked overtime to torpedo Trump. We saw it at the first debate. Trump himself said it was  “two against one.” In fact, at the second debate, when a truly fair moderator did the debate , Trump won! The exit polls show Trump  won 55% of


  #STOPTHESTEAL Last Saturday, the media got way ahead of itself and decided to call Biden as the PROJECTED PRESENTIAL ELECT. It seems the software used for counting the votes, had a glitch. this glitch occurred in all 45 counties. A bit strange?   The software known as Scorecard and Hammer was designed to count votes to a point…that point was up to Trump Votes…then switch Trump votes over to Biden. This is entire scheme was organized and staged by Pelosi who owns the company that controls all the polls. How convenient.  Votes still being counted and recounted since all of the votes had Biden's name and none for Trump. Trump votes are now being recovered, included, and counted.  Long Story Short Since last Saturday, the media has flooded all the networks with Joe Biden President-Elect and very little on or, not caring what Trump had to say about it. Biden and Harris were celebrating their bogus victory last weekend and already deciding who will be in their cabinet. SE