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Election 2020 LIBERTY or LOCKDOWN



The year 2020 became a nightmare in March. We were and are still coping with Covid-19, plus, the Presidential Election which has become more of a tug-of-war and bloodbath, rather than a normal election.



Simply put: We value our liberty, freedom of speech, the pursuit of happiness, work hard/play hard, live our lives as we see fit. Dine out with family and friends. You know the drill.

President Donald J. Trump works hard to ensure that our America is safe so that everyone can live and enjoy life as it was intended. President Trump draws his energy from his supporters and the crowds at the rallies. He uses the words "we, our" not "me". 




will be our eternal nightmare should former Vice President Joe Biden be elected as the new president. Biden has done nothing for 47 years, yet has done nothing but criticize Trump for the past 3-1/2 years.

With Biden in charge, he will not be able to complete four years but will step aside, and his too-eager, two-faced Vice President Kamala Harris will succeed him as President. She is the very one that criticized him during the Presidential Debate. Actually, Biden did not pick her personally, she was picked by the Democrats. She is a Radical with no prestige or self-value; just thrives in the spotlight and will regard the Oval Office as her personal, evil throne.

With her in charge, she will reward her friends and prosecute her enemies to the fullest. She will have everyone is lockdown forever. The Democrats want to declare war on fun. They do not believe in freedom; churches will be closed forever; children will never receive an education; no more entertainment, no dining out; Social Security will be taken away and we will be given exactly what we need in funds and not a dollar more. They want to BURN DOWN and BREAK America. We will become a third-world country within five years and I’m just getting started!


Yes I have elaborated more on the lockdown than liberty since lockdown is the life-serving jungle if Biden and his toxic team wins.


I, too, have friends who are democrats and I try to separate politics from my daily chats since I love my friends; however, if push comes to shove, I prefer to lose my so-called friends than lose my America. 

Liberty or Lockdown? Your vote! Your life!