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Election 2020 Bloomberg for Biden Bribe


Between Covid-19 and the election, life is tough enough without the underhanded extras in play.

Here’s what we’ve got:

The democrats trying to psych President Trump into believing he has already lost the election by asking him to concede with a peaceful transfer of power when it is actually  the complete opposite; the delusional democrats are crapping their pants for fear that Trump will win another four years.


Bloomberg has stooped to a new low (not that he was ever high principled from the start) – He has contributed millions of dollars toward Biden’s election. Worst yet, he is also paying felons debts with the purpose of having them release from prison to vote for Joe Biden. How desperate can one get? The only thing Bloomberg has going for him is his wallet. He needs to get a life and buy a new personality. He has a face only a mother could love on payday.

Bloomberg is under investigation for this crime but how long will it take and will he be held accountable before it is too late.

FYI: Bloomberg also took credit for rebuilding New York City after 9/11 – FALSE. Rudy Giuliano did that and made it a point to state the same on National TV, which means Bloomberg is delusional and a liar just like the rest of them.


Basement Biden

Biden is unable to function without a teleprompter. This is not the way America rolls. A real president keeps notes at their fingertips BUT speaks from the heart and NOT from a teleprompter.

Also, President Trump suggested that both he and Joe take drug tests prior to The Debate to ensure that Joe is running on his own steam and not some energizing steroids.


Biden/Harris – The Frick N Frock Team

Neither Biden nor Harris has held Press Conferences or taken questions from reporters one on one. Why? Because all Biden’s questions must be pre-scripted- God forbid the reporter goes Off-Script – Biden is screwed.

Harris avoids questions from reporters as well. She has nothing to contribute and a lot to hide. It has been said that her entire career is based on illicit sexual encounters. Hmm.. Nice work, Kamala!

She loves attacking people for their alleged wrong-doing but she is a crybabay and caves when the questions asked of her, are too hot to handle. This will also be apparent during the Vice-Presidential Debate.

While she regards Mike Pence as an easy target, she doesn’t realize that Vice President Pence is an ex-Marine and has a sharp tongue when needed.

Harris’ own dad has slammed her use of identity politics.  Really Kamala! 

So, here again, think and rethink before casting your vote.