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Election 2020 Bloomberg for Biden Bribe

  Between Covid-19 and the election, life is tough enough without the underhanded extras in play. Here’s what we’ve got: The democrats trying to psych President Trump into believing he has already lost the election by asking him to concede with a peaceful transfer of power when it is actually  the complete opposite; the delusional democrats are crapping their pants for fear that Trump will win another four years.   Bloomberg has stooped to a new low (not that he was ever high principled from the start) – He has contributed millions of dollars toward Biden’s election. Worst yet, he is also paying felons debts with the purpose of having them release from prison to vote for Joe Biden. How desperate can one get? The only thing Bloomberg has going for him is his wallet. He needs to get a life and buy a new personality. He has a face only a mother could love on payday. Bloomberg is under investigation for this crime but how long will it take and will he be held accountable before it

Election 2020 LIBERTY or LOCKDOWN

         The year 2020 became a nightmare in March. We were and are still coping with Covid-19, plus, the Presidential Election which has become more of a tug-of-war and bloodbath, rather than a normal election.

A Word to the Wise is Sufficient

  S Runoko Rashidi is a historian and anthropologist  His Advice  Never argue with trolls, never argue with fools, never argue with religious fanatics, never waste your time with racists, never waste your time with people who just want attention, never waste your time with people that no matter what you say, no matter what evidence you present, it is not going to make a difference because they are not interested in the truth, not interested in facts. Their minds were made up long before you met them and nothing you say or do is going to change that. We are better than that. Ase!