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Why the Double Standard

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Navy Veteran, former police officer, proud gun owner, Harley Davidson enthusiast, and a former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois who boldly speaks the truth.
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Peggy Hubbard
I got something to say....
While celebrities and politicians are jocking to be front and center at George Floyd's funeral. Which is being paid by Floyd Meriwether, the boxer. His funeral service I hear may be televised. Celebrities like Common, T.I., John Legend, Spike "my movies suck" Lee, will be in attendance. I hear that his funeral will be bigger than fashion week and, would rival the Oscars. Yes, the Oscars! Which I think is nothing more than celebrity participation trophies awards show. This funeral Is a sham! You heard me SHAM! They are using Mr. Floyd, to boost their popularity and political success.
As tragic as George Floyd's death was. I haven't heard of any celebrities outrage over my husband's former commander Capt. David Dorn. Dave was a decorated lawman for 37 yrs. Walked the straight and narrow all his life. Worked tirelessly for police reform and change. Held the men under HIS command accountable. He weeded out corrupt officers. He was a true friend. And when my husband was shot on a traffic stop in 2016, it was Dave who called me and lifted up me and my family.
George Floyd funeral, will produce fake outrage, in the name of photo op. They will celebrate the life of a man who, was under the influence of crystal meth, fentanyl, alcohol abuse X4 and infected with COV19. They will celebrate a man that held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman. They will celebrate a man-made several adult movies. They will celebrate a man who committed sexual assault. They will celebrate the life of a man was known to be violent. They will celebrate a man who at the time of his death was trying to pass a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. They will celebrate HIS life....
I was once outraged over George Floyd's death. That outrage has since faded away. It faded away the moment I watched my friends final moments of his life begging for help. 77 yrs old. Bleeding out. Trying to prevent the theft of firearms, only to be used on him. There's no outrage. There will be no celebrities, no call to protest over Dave's black life stolen by thugs. No celebrity stepping up to pay for Captain Dorn's funeral...Nothing.
Oh, but there was a call by politicians and celebrities to DEFUND THE POLICE! And, to that I say...The next time you need the assistance of the police when someone is trying to do you harm? Defund police? If that day ever comes? Be careful. When you dial 911...You just might get Pookie and RayRay, and a crackhead is dispatched to the scene.
~Peggy Hubbard~

I asked a white BLM protester why she won't go to the black communities and advocate for black lives?
She said, "I am afraid if i went to that part of town, i would be robbed or killed. It ISN'T a safe place to be"
I rest my case....Damn
So, in conclusion. Those BLACK LIVES aren't worth saving???? Only the ones killed by a white police officer. Alrighty then.