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Baby Boomers Head to College

Age is merely an illusion. It is the way we show up for the world each day that counts.

College is no longer for the younger generation. Baby Boomers are heading to school (college) to further their education via online courses or on campus. Who woulda thunk!

We’re not talking about Harvard or Yale where applications define your acceptance/rejection. We’re talking about that nearby Community College where virtually anyone with an appetite for learning can achieve their goals.

Why? Simply put, this is something they choose to do for themselves, rather than must do. Through the years, their brain has grown, absorbs knowledge like sponge and needs continued nourishing. Baby Boomers attend college for advanced training in their current job, career training in a different field or just to challenge themselves for self-improvement and fulfillment.

Online Courses
Online Courses are available; hence, Baby Boomers can now relax from the comfort of their home. The only downside is that the online courses are limited. They offer basics whereby it is more advantageous for the Baby Boomer to attend courses in college.

Colleges accept and welcome the Baby Boomer with open arms and open doors. College instructors are trained and prepared to teach these eager elderly earthlings, then watch them grow and glow.

Colleges and are now equipped with whatever the non-traditional Baby Boomer needs, including large print textbooks and microphones for the visual and hearing impaired.

Baby Boomers are living longer these days given their active and healthier lifestyle. Baby Boomers have no problem stepping up and contributing to a negative society that prefers to question their ability and goals rather than giving credit to this energetic and determined human being.

What does the younger generation college student think about the Baby Boomer? They are usually very impressed and aspired by this step since that Baby Boomer could very well be their parents or grandparents.

You are ‘never’ too old to learn or move forward.

Let nobody put Baby (Boomer) in the corner. Get out there, go back to college and show the world what ya got!

God bless!

Image Credit: - Melodee Hagensen