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Be True to Yourself

Be True to Yourself

Today’s society and world is a combination of competitive and negative elements.
Being true to yourself means staying strong in your convictions and not being influenced by others to serve their purpose.  
“A Lion is a Lion, even in a cage”
You are your own best friend. Trust no one with your deepest secret or dream goals. Jealousy is a disease of the soul and people would rather you see down and out, rather than lend a hand and help you succeed.
The bottom line is that most people from suffer from low self-esteem, zero self-confidence and have the need to bring anyone down that will not comply with their wishes; the controlling mechanism activates and they must have their way or animosity prevails.
Being the new kid on the block is tough, whether it’s school or a new neighborhood. We want to belong, be accepted without losing our identity to become one-of-them. 

This is the exact quality that makes us stand out from the rest; hence, Be True to Yourself. We can still fit in, offer our ideas and suggestions while commanding respect for our input and feedback.
Imagine yourself introduced to royalty; they are the upper crust; wealth and reputation reign as top priority while you enjoy a good laugh, fun in the sun and great burger/fries. While they question your lifestyle, they are also curious and secretly have no problem experiencing just a sample of such.
Those who are true to themselves become the real leaders of life and society.
It’s been said you can wear your hair for just so long before it falls down. Translated this means you pretend to be whoever but in essence, the real you will be revealed at some point.
Life is complicated enough; hence, being true to yourself is what I call, “What you see is what you get” and people love you for it because you are the real deal.  
Be true to yourself and watch the world tear a page from your book.   


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