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Tips for New Parents

Being new parents is exciting yet a bit scary. You want to do everything right for that new arrival. That little bundle of joy depends solely on you for the ultimate loving care and safety. Babies also detect positive and negative energy; hence, it is important that you provide a happy, loving and clean environment for them.

I was a single, working mom and learned many things on my own. Reading books go just so far but the parental instinct is what really works and will accomplish the necessary.

The first few months

Newborns sleep, eat and poop. Trying to get things done while baby sleeps will only make you more tired and less efficient; hence, new moms should rest or sleep at the same time baby sleeps. This helps fortify you to full capacity for baby’s needs. 

Feeding Time

Babies cannot speak or see just yet but they have different cries for different needs. Whether breastfeeding or giving the bottle, make this time a time for bonding. A rocking chair is perfect for feeding and bonding with baby. Talking to baby and/or soft background music and/or singing helps soothe the baby and make his/her feeding time more enjoyable. Babies cannot speak but they know you are communicating with them.

If you are feeding baby a formula, make certain the formula does not contain iron. Iron causes constipation and baby will be very uncomfortable. I learned this the hard way.

Between feedings, fill a baby bottle with water to which a teaspoon of Karo Light Corn Syrup has been added. Plain water helps irrigate baby’s system and the Karo adds flavor since plain water can be tasteless.  

After feeding, make sure baby gets to burp. That one bubble can cause discomfort. Place a towel over your shoulder and gently rub baby’s back until he/she burps. Better an empty house than a bad tenant😊  


You know what tooth pain is and baby is cutting that first tooth. Before trying that 'go-to' teething ring or any over-the-counter medication, try the following:

·     Wet a clean white washcloth in cool water, wring it out and let baby chew on it. This helps calm the pain.

·     In advance, fill an empty ice cube tray with orange juice. Take one cube and wrap it in a dampened white washcloth. Let baby suck on it. This will offer both cool and tasty treat for baby.


It is important to keep baby on a schedule. While most babies fall asleep on their own, singing to baby or playing soft music from a radio is fine until they fall asleep.   


Dip the pacifier in Karo Light Corn Syrup; this lends flavor while baby sucks on it. Wein the baby off the pacifier once the first tooth comes; this enables teeth to grow in straight and not bucked.

Never Leave Baby Unattended

Need to run an errand or take a shower? Do not leave baby unattended. Even while they sleep. Wait until your significant other or someone reliable can watch baby while you do whatever. It may seem like only a few minutes but in that few minutes anything can happen.

Social Life
Your social life is on hold. Baby is your top and only priority. Okay, so everyone needs a break. Invite a friend or two over for afternoon coffee or lunch or a casual evening dinner. This gives the parent a small reprieve and can still monitor baby.

It takes a village to raise one child and as your baby grows, you need to give them a strong foundation, teaching them right from wrong; good from bad.
Parents are not perfect but they are forever.

Congratulations and God bless!  


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