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Top Consumer Reviews for Best Fruit Baskets

Say It with Fruit, Rather than Flowers

The first thing that comes to mind when celebrating or sending condolences are flowers. Flowers are lovely but their live span is a week or less.

Nowadays people are turning to attractive fruit baskets for all occasions. Fruit is an essential part of our daily food group, plus it nourishes both the body and soul.

I also found a fruit basket is the best way to express one’s condolences in someone’s hour of grief.

Recently, a dear and close friend of mine lost her mate after many happy years of marriage. I had already decided that flowers were not the answer. I wanted to give her something truly special; hence, I choose a gift basket of fruit.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that the big problem would be finding a company that delivered out of state; in my case it was small town in South Carolina.

I searched Consumer’s Report for the best fruit basket company which turned out to be The Fruit Company. The company closes at 2pm on Saturday so I called the after-hours customer service but before even placing the order, I asked if they delivered to this destination. YES/YAY! they did!!

The lady took my order super proficiently which made me very happy, since not all humans are created equal when it come to taking information. 

What really impressed me the most is that the following day I received a call from customer service stating that their dispatcher was aware of my order placed after hours and was following up to confirm the order and to ask if I needed anything else. Plus, if there is anything wrong with the fruit basket, they will replace the damaged portion at no cost. 

I am including the link to consumers list of top ten fruit companies so that if and when my readers need to sent something special, they will have an idea of who’s who at the fruit zoo. By the way, The Fruit Company heads the list.

Say it with fruit, rather than flowers!