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New Year, New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings. This means making new resolutions or, perhaps, reinforcing those from last year.

Your New Year’s Resolution should be simple; something you need to do for ‘you’. It’s not about sacrificing what you love best but rather adding something important that fulfills you – body, soul and mind. Less is more. It makes more sense to have one or two meaningful resolutions than having too many that won't have any merit.

Dominique Sachs says it all in this video about being good to yourself and being true to yourself in the New Year.  

My Checklist for the New Year


You need not feel ill in order to get your annual checkup. This is call Preventive Care.

Let’s face it: You bring your car in for its annual or bi-annual tune-up; hence, you should love and respect your body in the same way.

Physical, Cardio, Eye-Exam and Dental. Your body takes care of you so you need to keep it in check.

Of course, eating healthy is important. You are what you eat. My post on Portfolio of Good Health says it all.

Be True To Yourself

Unfortunately we live in a society comprised of negative and controlling people. Being ourselves is not on their agenda since we are not blending in. Being true to yourself means just that. Do what you think is right. Always go with your gut. My slogan is "Here I am; what you see is what you get. Define your own goals and carry through to finish. Let no one prevent you from your destiny.

One Hour A Day of Alone Time

My son, at age 8 (now an adult), blew me away one day with "Mommy, sometimes peace of mind is better than a piece of cake". This stayed with me and realized that one hour a day just for me, doing whatever I loved best, helped re-energize my mind and soul. For me it is dancing and writing; for you - whatever floats your boat or helps make your heart sing. Just do it!

Reconnect with an Old Friend

Life keeps us busy but as myhave  Dad (bless his soul) used to stay, you take five or ten minutes to use the restroom, take five minutes to pick up the phone and call someone with whom you've been out of touch. They will welcome the call. Get together over coffee or lunch and catchup.

Oh sure, you say "well, they could call me" - this is very true but sometimes we need to make the first move and be the 'better' person.

Step out of your Comfort Zone

How many times have you stood by on the sidelines watching others do whatever, dancing, golfing, playing an instrument or perhaps taking an online course to improve themselves. You want to do this as well but ill-confidence holds you back. Not this year, my friend, this is year you step out of your comfort zone and rise to the challenge. We are students of life and learning is power food for the brain. Go do it!!!!

Good Deeds
I made this resolution a few years back and find that it was ‘the’ most rewarding resolution on my list.

Good deeds are not planned. They just happen. Most of the time you will receive a thank you but if you don’t, so be it. My grandma used to say, “Just offer it up to God – HE knows and appreciates everything you do”.

May the New Year 2019 find each of you enjoying good health and achieving success on your own level, along with God’s richest blessings.