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Top Consumer Reviews for Best Fruit Baskets

Say It with Fruit, Rather than Flowers
The first thing that comes to mind when celebrating or sending condolences are flowers. Flowers are lovely but their live span is a week or less.
Nowadays people are turning to attractive fruit baskets for all occasions. Fruit is an essential part of our daily food group, plus it nourishes both the body and soul.
I also found a fruit basket is the best way to express one’s condolences in someone’s hour of grief.
Recently, a dear and close friend of mine lost her mate after many happy years of marriage. I had already decided that flowers were not the answer. I wanted to give her something truly special; hence, I choose a gift basket of fruit.
What I didn’t realize at the time was that the big problem would be finding a company that delivered out of state; in my case it was small town in South Carolina.
I searched Consumer’s Report for the best fruit basket company which turned out to be The Fruit Company. The company closes at 2pm on Saturday so I c…

New Year, New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings. This means making new resolutions or, perhaps, reinforcing those from last year.
Your New Year’s Resolution should be simple; something you need to do for ‘you’. It’s not about sacrificing what you love best but rather adding something important that fulfills you – body, soul and mind. Less is more. It makes more sense to have one or two meaningful resolutions than having too many that won't have any merit.

Dominique Sachs says it all in this video about being good to yourself and being true to yourself in the New Year.

My Checklist for the New Year

You need not feel ill in order to get your annual checkup. This is call Preventive Care.
Let’s face it: You bring your car in for its annual or bi-annual tune-up; hence, you should love and respect your body in the same way.
Physical, Cardio, Eye-Exam and Dental. Your body takes care of you so you need to keep it in check.
Of course, eating healthy is important. You are what you eat. My post on Portfolio …