Take the Guess Work out of Christmas Shopping with the Wish List

There is nothing worse than giving or receiving a gift you didn’t need or didn’t want but accept it gracefully even though you are offered the option of exchanging it for something else.

I went through this way too many times and about four years ago created my own solution to easier and no-stress shopping.

On the Home-Front
Right after Thanksgiving, I ask my family/friends to submit their Christmas Wish List which consists of 3 items; one large and two small and within a budget. For me, I allow $100 per person. Now, I might not spend the entire amount but what I do purchase is both practical and of quality.

The Wish List should contain the item, size, color options. These details make the shopping easier and actually more fun.

In the Office
Kris Kringle's or Secret Santa is usually done by picking a name from the Santa Hat or Stocking. An amount is set for all; again, along with the co-worker’s name, 3 items are suggested; this gives the Secret Santa more shopping flexibility. 

The Boss
Some bosses have no problem participating in the Secret Santa but may be a bit reluctant to offer suggestions. In this case, keep it simple. If you work for the Big Guy, then you already know his/her likes/dislikes.

If you do not work for the Boss, consult their Assistant who will, hopefully, offer intelligent gift suggestions.
Once all Wish Lists are submitted, the method of shopping is up to you. 

Old school pounding the pavement – hoofing it from store to store consumes energy but early in the morning is the best time.  This also gives you a chance to interact with your fellow humans and see what’s happening in the world of festivities or……

You can shop on line. By the way, being a PRIME Member at Amazon is a tremendous help at this time. I am a PRIME Member and have all my shopping done.

Online Shopping Tips
  • Always check out the reviews before purchasing. It is always good to see what other consumers share about the product. If there are no reviews – stay clear of the product. Either the product has not been purchased or perhaps the product is below expectation but the consumer may have zero writing skills.
  • Check the price, then do comparison shopping. You want quality without bending the budget.
  • Always ensure that the vendor or company has tracking number feature so you can monitor the merchandise.
  • If the store from which you ordered does not have the product in stock, ask them if their other branches have the product, color, size, etc. available, plus the time-frame.

Christmas is the busiest time for public carriers, UPS, DHL, USPC; hence, you need to order in advance, allowing for delays.

I hope this is helpful and wish all my readers/visitors the happiest, healthiest of holidays and God’s Richest Blessings in the New Year.


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