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What Puts Power in the Power Couple

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Grandma always said: Be beautiful at the window, be an angel in the kitchen and a devil in the bedroom. 

Love, trust, understanding, and communication are the common denominators for a good relationship, whether you are companions or dating long-term and contemplating the big step.

The Power Couple is the highest level-relationship. They do have their ups and downs, but quickly resolved and never disclosed in public.

The power couple is admired and envied. They always seem to be in sync and display compatibly wherever they go. This is not a fairy tale relationship by any means but the ingredients are different.

How It begins
Most people marry their high school or college sweetheart or, they go separate ways after school for whatever reason – they might marry – then either divorce or become widowed. Then it comes into play at the High School Class/College Reunion. They meet once again, catch up and discover they are both in the “same place” and ready to rekindle that old flame.  

The power couple are also soulmates, which is a rare commodity nowadays. What makes the Power Couple stand out from the rest? Despite their respective heavy work schedule, they also find time to be together and enjoy quality time. The power couple actually miss each when apart; whereby the average married spouse looks forward to alone time away from him/her to reconnect with their sanity.

The power in the power coupe is living a dog’s life. Yes, I know what you are thinking. A dog’s life – that’s sucks. No, it doesn’t and here how it works.

A dog cannot see color, they only see you and see you for the first time every time. Man’s best friend’s love is unconditional. They crave love in return. Dogs also know when you’ve had a bad day and they are there to sooth your fevered brow.

The power couple also see each other for the first time every time – like a first date, that first kiss – the good morning or good night, I love you. They hate being separated for any length of time whether it be work-related or otherwise.

The power couple represent the adage – “love is an itching of the heart that can’t be scratched”

Baby Boomers are the best examples. I had the pleasure and privilege of attending a dance event where the host, a retired attorney, felt the need to share that he missed his bride of 50 years, who was out of town for a few days on business. This touched my heart and I could see they were a power couple.

The power they possess as a couple and as individuals, is that they set amazing examples and are the role models in today’s society that thrives on negativity.  The power couple is amazing with giving advice and positive energy since they speak only of what makes a good marriage and keeping it balanced. Remember the soap opera, Days of Our Lives – Alice and Tom Horton, Hope and Bo Brady. Both power couples. While soap operas are so-called fiction, each episode sends its own message.

The power in the power couple translates into – how well do you know your mate, his/her body language; learning to compromise without sacrifice. Learning to accept/tolerate his/her shortcomings, along with the good stuff and knowing when to console or stand back. 

Shouting gets you nowhere but airing and sharing helps resolve most issues. Need that release from stress or frustation, go into the basement and use the punching bag. 

Life is not perfect. Marriage Is a work in progress; must be nourished on a daily basis and both partners must give 100% to sculpt it into what it should be.

If yours was love at first sight or reunited with that special someone, you might already be that power couple.