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Portfolio of Good Health

“Money makes the world go ‘round", but the one commodity which the almighty dollar cannot buy is good health.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure or, as I prefer to say – One perfect rose is better than a bruised bouquet. Good health is taken for granted until pain ensues and tests return unfavorable results.

The biggest offender is stress. It comes in all forms and we allow it to control our lives, rather than we controlling ‘it’. Reducing stress takes discipline and recognizing the cause. 

Procrastination is one. Putting off the unpleasant tasks or doctor appointments since we are not ready to pursue, yet it haunts us on a daily basis until one morning we awaken and say, “okay, this is the day it gets done!  

Reducing stress, per se, requires staying calm which is virtually impossible in daily living.  The power of positive thinking creates positive energy and helps recharge our mental and physical batteries. 

We need to distance ourselves from negative people and ‘bad energy’ situations. Surround ourselves with positive energy and people who support that energy; this helps to strengthen the psychological immune system.

If stress is the name of the game in the workplace, then we learn to take short breaks. This refreshes the mind and helps lend a new perspective to the task or assignment at hand.

Maintaining good sleeping habits is vital to the body. Aim for at least six to eight hours of ‘worry-free’ sleep. Taking problems to bed accomplishes nothing but increased anxiety since we can't resolve anything until the next; hence, clear the mind, go to your happy or quiet place and let sleep flow naturally. 

Dog Therapy
Not for the dog but for us humans. Dogs were born to know, give and receive love and loyalty. They just know and can read their humans better than humans can read themselves. Rescue dogs have super skills for their owner's stress. If you own a dog, you already know their amazing instincts and how they can help you relax and reduce stress. 

Good Eating Habits
The adage, ‘We are what we eat’ has validation. Junk food, fast food and snacks catch up with us. Junk food and fast food affect mental health and unwanted weight gain. They neither help the digestive track nor do they enhance brainpower. They also create irritability and serious mood swings.

Good eating habits consist of lots of veggies (green beans, broccoli are great for reducing cholesterol), poultry, fish and occasion meat (steak, burgers, lamb chops). Salads are bulk and an excellent source of fiber.

Broccoli Rabe is a superfood that all fights cancer. Acquiring a taste for it is half the battle. I cook broccoli rabe with sausage and Orecchiette (little ears). 

Fruit in place of dessert or, a piece of fruit along with a cookie or small slice of cake. Most desserts contain high levels of triglycerides which raise the cholesterol level and result in heart attacks. 

The secret to good eating habits is watching what you eat, especially the sweets – the forever guilty pleasure which needs to be done in moderation.  

Take your pick. Whatever exercise floats your boat.
Exercise in any shape or form helps the mind and body perform better. It helps the way we think and feel.

Working out at the gym. A brisk 30-minute walk at a moderate pace. Maybe you’re into sports. Just go for it! Like milk, exercise does a body good.

For me, I get that 30-minute walk in virtually every day, plus dancing. I am a trained Fred Astaire dancer and absolutely love it! 

Household chores need not be boring or a snooze fest. Vacuuming is a great way to exercise as well. Your entire body gets a good workout.  Remember to turn on the radio while you work😊  Music adds flavor to everything you do.

What’s next?
In the course of a day, how many things do you touch or handle?
Bacteria is everywhere!

  •    Handlebar on that supermarket cart
  • ·  The supermarket checkout machine for payments
  •     Opening the door to the stores, banks, etc. 
  •     The bank ATM machines
  •     Handling the doors on public transportation
  •     Getting in / out car service
  • ·   Pushing the up/down buttons on elevators
  •     Door knobs on public restrooms

Just think about who and how many humans touched the above before you arrived. Who coughed or sneezed without covering their mouth. I am not trying to gross you out but being realistic.

Carrying hand sanitizer helps until you can get home to real soap and water.

Handling the mail –

How many times have you sorted through the daily mail at home, then prepared food? How many times did that mail or those packages change hands before they reached your door?

Wash your hands after handling the mail and before preparing meals.

After travel or running errands –
Wash your hands the minute you get home. You’ve been traveling, driving or shaking hands with strangers. You want to believe that everyone is clean but not necessarily true

Avoid touching your face and eyes while in transit. The bacteria on your hands can and will eventually cause eye infection.

After pulling in the trash cans from the curb-
Yes! Another reason to wash. The Sanitation guys wear gloves but, nature’s creatures, birds, dogs and cats may have found a trysting place to do their ‘business’. YUCKIE but true.

The least favorite is the annual physical. We tend to ignore our body signs; we try home remedies. When this fails we finally surrender and see the doctor.

Good dental health plays a major role in our health regiment. Regular dental checkups are equally important.

Good health is wealth. Money is merely window dressing.

God bless!