Paranormal Encounter: The Pearl Earrings

The following is based on a true event.

November of 1994:

After several months of in and out of hospitals,  I decided my mom's declining health would be best attended in a Nursing Home

My extensive commute to and from work in Manhattan, coupled with household responsibilities, made it virtually impossible to give mom the proper home care.

I had just returned from a long visit with mom at the Nursing Home, when the phone rang. It was our family physician announcing that, within one hour of my departure, mom had passed on.

It was bittersweet. For the most part, mom had ruled and controlled my life; yet an empty feeling prevailed since my (at the time) young adult son shared a very special bond with his grandmother.

I took a deep breath; I needed to make arrangements for my mom’s "journey".

The funeral home provided a beautiful blue gown for her. As a Roman Catholic, the traditional rosaries were available for entwining between and over her fingers; however, I chose to break tradition. Mom  would hold one single long-stemmed rose. Her name was Rose; hence, most appropriate and fitting - "A rose for Rosie".

Mom and I had shared a small jewelry box. Strangely enough her favorite small cameo earrings were nowhere to be found. I, being of Italian culture, decided that pearls are a "no-no." Grandma always said they represent tears and bad luck. No one argued with grandma. She was the Sophia (Golden Girls) of the family

The only earrings to be found were gold loops or dangles; both of which were considered unacceptable for the "viewing". Against better judgment, I selected tiny gold, heart-shaped filigree earrings with a center-pearl. They were adorable, yet my gut screamed, "NO PEARLS!"

Six Months Later

Memorial Day 1995

The holiday weekend was warm and festivities ensued. I had finished dressing and opened my jewelry box to select earrings.

I stood there paralyzed in total horror! The small pearl earrings were back in the jewelry box. I did not have a duplicate pair. They were one of a kind.

I approached my son, asking him if this was a sick joke or, had the funeral director returned them to him, unbeknown to me. My son was just as shocked and horrified. We both stood there immobilized for what seemed forever.

Then reality knifed me in the heart. My belief in the paranormal and earthbound spirits was confirmed. Clearly, mom did not appreciate the earrings. Her spirit must have found its way back and returned them to the jewelry box.

From the beginning, my maternal aunt had questioned my choice of earrings. After sharing the weird details, she suggested that the earrings be placed in a small plastic box and put it back at the grave site. Of course, I  strongly objected and decided to trash them since the bad karma was already in effect.

My freaked out state of mind offered a humorous, yet unexpected reply: "let's just hope she likes the blue gown, otherwise we are really in big trouble."

To this day, the mysterious encounter still remains a mystery. There is little explanation for what I witnessed, except that although the deceased is put to rest, their spirit does, in fact, roam the earth with unfinished business and communication ensues in different forms.

Who are we to question the “other” world?

Believers and Non-believers should never question or fear the paranormal. They are either visiting out of love or, sending a message. We just need to listen and/or watch for their "sign".


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