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How to Roast Succulent and Perfect Turkey

How to Roast a Succulent and Perfect Turkey Add caption The year 2020 has not been kind to us but the holidays are approaching. We are fighters and have the need to live life while complying with masks and social distancing. Truth be told, I entertained the thought of dining out but with Covid still lurking, the only option is outdoor dining which has no appeal especially for Thanksgiving, no matter how many heated bubbles restaurant owners set up.   The fun part of Thanksgiving is the after-dinner picking and ongoing snacking for the following week. It’s what we do and what we love!   So! I decided that this year I would host Thanksgiving again. The only difference is wearing my mask before and after dinner and social distancing as best possible.  In the past, I always ordered and cooked frozen turkey. Then a few years ago curiosity and a change of pace had me purchase a fresh bird and a good choice it was. The only problem is that a fresh turkey does not come