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How to Roast Succulent and Perfect Turkey

How to Roast a Succulent and Perfect Turkey

In the past, I always ordered and cooked frozen turkey. Then a few years ago curiosity and a change of pace had me purchase a fresh bird and a good choice it was. The only problem is that a fresh turkey does not come with a lifter; hence, I created my own. See the illustration at the end of this article.
Items Needed
70 inches of twine for make-shift turkey lifter 4 Sticks Unsalted Butter Salt and Pepper
Carving Board with Moat (if possible). The moat is the recessed edges of the carving board that contains the juices while carving and makes for easy cleanup. 

Food Station
I always set up my kitchen table as the food station. This is where I place the leftovers in their respect servers after dinner. This allows everyone to chose their pickin's "to go". I usually provide the extra containers for my first-time guests but family usually brings their own. The best part of Thanksgiving Dinner is the leftovers. 
Thanksgiving Eve  Remove gible…