Creating the Year Round Wardrobe

When we look good, we feel good. Age is not the issue. This applies to all ladies including the sensual senior citizen.

We open the closet, scan our wardrobe and decide we have nothing to wear for that special event.

The mistake we make is buying clothes that are one-dimensional, impracticable, worn only once then shoved to the back of the closet. A waste of precious dollars.

By femme run
What’s wrong with this picture? The four seasons no longer exist. We have gone from winter into a few days called spring then smack into the hot days of summer; hence, our wardrobe is no longer preset for any one season. 

Today’s smart fashionista knows that all-year round outfits can be a hit when properly accessorized.

By optimizing our wardrobe, we are simply purchasing accessories for what we already have in the closet; hence, giving each outfit at least two or, three different looks. It is also about being able to dress it up or dress it down. This is less stress on the brain and makes for lighter packing, while giving the illusion of having a huge wardrobe.

The Basics
·       The little black dress (LBD)
·       Pantsuits
·       Jeans
·       Blazers
·       Blouses

The little black dress (LBD) should be two-fold; appropriate for the office.; then accessorized for an elegant evening out after work or, for the weekend.  

For the evening, remove the jacket, accessorize and you're good to go. 

By Brendan Lally

Tip: Watch that hemline. No more than three inches above the knee; otherwise you are sending the wrong message. 

The basic pantsuit is always primo both professionally and socially accepted. An extended wardrobe will contain at least two or three pantsuits. Pantsuits come in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles. 

These basic beauties can be worn "as is' or with a blouse, pullover sweater, camisole or teddy under the jacket. No matter how you sport it, you are always in fashion.

 By tielove

Jeans can be dressed up or dressed down depending on where the day/evening takes you. Try a long tapered top or, flowing blouse with a wide belt to accent the waistline and plain pumps.

Accessory Wardrobe
Keep it plain and simple.

The Basics:
·       Long, medium and short chains
·       Clip-on Earrings
·       Plain bracelets
·       Scarfs (optional)

The layered look is “in”. Begin with the long chain and make your way up to the shortest chain or choker.

For a different look, place a clip-on earring in the center of the middle length chain or choker.  You can also place the clip-on earring on the hemline of your blouse or at the neckline.

Are you a scarf buff?  Make certain you purchase them in various colors, designs and, of course, some solids. Scarves are universal and the possibilities are endless.

Bracelets can also be worn in layers but here again I choose simple; wear one at a time. Try sliding a flexible bracelet on to your upper arm of a one-shoulder blouse or that little black dress and you have a slave bracelet.

·       Dress Shoes
·       Pumps
·       Sneakers
·       Sandals
·       Decorative Shoe clips

Contrary to the female reputation, you don’t need a pile of shoes to look fabulous. Also remember those “to die for” stilettos are the cause for back problems.

Dress shoes are usually the two-inch strappy (or sling-backs) and stand elegantly, on their own. These dress shoes are actually my dance shoes (Fred Astaire) No promo intended. 

Pumps: Give them a touch of elegance by dressing them by attaching either a clip-on earring to the front or back of the shoe. Decorative shoe clips also give the shoe a different look.

 By Faylyn 

Sneakers speak for themselves – A must for running errands.

Sandals replace sneakers for casual and comfort. Summer sandals can be worn for dress up or dress down, depending on the outfit.

·       Basic Tote
·       Evening clutch

The basic tote goes everywhere from the beach to a shopping spree. Also acceptable for the working gal.

The evening clutch is elegant by itself. This small purse with its shoulder-length chain strap easily doubles for daytime. Then tuck the chain inside the purse for an elegance evening clutch.

Trend is a phase that lasts for a season, then disappears and is replaced with a new trend.

Fashion is forever. It is defined as the “focal point” of good taste and judgment. Fashion also means that everything old is new again.

The possibilities of fashion are endless but it is up to you, the individual, to create and make it your own. Remember, less is more / quality over quantity.


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