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The Cancun Destination Wedding

The Cancun Destination Wedding has slowly replaced the traditional wedding for most couples.

The highly acclaimed and infamous 5-Star Le Blanc Spa Resort located in Cancun, Mexico is the new venue where couples now celebrate their special day and honeymoon.

Le Blanc Spa Resort provides top accommodations, amenities, plus a choice of “all inclusive” packages which include round-trip airfare, the hotel stay, all meals and the bar. Sorry, adults only, please.

The Destination Wedding, also referred to as the Wed-Cation, provides the bride, groom and guests with vacation-like accommodations while preparing for the big event; hence, given all the indoor/outdoor accommodations, the Le Blanc Spa Resort is considered a village within itself.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted at the main entrance with a refreshing coconut drink and a moistened hand cloth. Subsequently, the guests are checked in, given a wrist band and escorted to their deluxe rooms which include a mini-fridge, an ocean view or, view of the pool. Each floor has its own Butler and Room Service (24/7)

The Le Blanc Spa Resort has four restaurants located within the hotel’s lobby: International Restaurant (which also doubles as a morning buffet); French Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant and Italian Restaurant.

The hotel's facilities also include three outdoor swimming pools with (daytime) poolside service including an open bar.

Health and Fitness Center, Spa, Hair Salon, Nail Salon, a huge Gift Shoppe and a small Internet Room where guests may print boarding passes or, catch up on emails. The computer setup is free for the first 30 minutes.

Outdoor dining is available for those who prefer not to dress for dinner. The outdoor dining includes delicious burgers, fries, yummy barbecued chicken and a pizza hut.

The evening agenda includes buffet and entertainment at ocean-side, followed by Karaoke and a dynamite DJ for dancing in the Le Blanc Lounge.

At this point, guests are fully relaxed and ready to enjoy the main event.

The (Destination) Wedding Day
The Le Blanc Spa Resort offers four Wedding Packages:
Complimentary Wedding (which I am sharing in this article)
Royal Wedding
Zen Garden Wedding
Signature Wedding

The Le Blanc Wedding Planner and her staff handle every detail. The goal is to ensure a flawless, dream wedding from beginning to end.

The Wedding Ceremony is performed at ocean-side under an open white tent with white Tiffany chairs for the guests, along with flowers and champagne.
Ceremonial music is,provided by the DJ. 

The Cocktail Hour is held on the hotel's patio, followed by the Reception in one of the beautiful banquet rooms within the hotel.

The day after the wedding, guests stay on a few days longer or, leave according to their itinerary. The newlyweds remain to enjoy their Honeymoon.

It is difficult to understand why anyone would fly to another country to wed; however, once you have experienced the Le Blanc pampering, you will not want to leave.
The Destination Wedding or, “Wed-Cation” will soon replace, if not already, the traditional wedding because everyone gets to enjoy more for less.


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