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Hear My Roar

There is nothing in this life that cannot be fixed or, resolved; hence, life consists of situations, not problems. Like grandma used to say“there’s a lid for every pot”.

Whether it is parenting, enjoying a relationship or, trying to advance in the workplace, the key ingredients are patience, persistence, and pursuit.

Patience: Stand back and view the entire picture.

Persistence: Tool of determination. Stay positive. Let nothing and no one deter you from moving forward.

Pursuit:  Aim high until you achieve that dream/goal.

What you would realize later in life that you live in a negative society that thrives on obstacles that hold you down and hold you back.

The Early Years

From toddler to adolescence, your mind was pretty much on what you wanted to be when you grow up. Family and friends mused over your vivid imagination. You were a child and had no voice of your own.

During the scholastic years, your classmates and teachers (professors) were actually supportive in your goals and what you hoped to accomplish.

Follow your dream, not your parents

As an adult you found your niche and began realizing what it was that you wanted to persist and pursue in life; however, your parents had their own ideas about your future. Find your true worth, you stood strong in your conviction and reminded them this was your life and dream, not theirs.

Initially, they rebelled but learned to deal with it as time went on.

Hear My Roar was created to demonstrate the importance of adding your voice and being heard, rather than sitting back and allowing a negative society or surroundings to control and manipulate who you are and what you do.

Houseclean Your Circle of Friends

You were born to succeed also envelops positive energy. You will find yourself doing some serious housecleaning in your social circle of friends. True friends are support and well-wishers. Frenemies are the friendly enemies who pretend to wish you well but they are inwardly consumed with greed, envy and jealousy, not to mention competitive.

Once you exude positive energy and positive thinking, the world sees you differently and has the option to join you in the circle of positivity or drown in the swamp of negative. 


  1. Love the site Lori, great colours and images. All the best. Ray

  2. Hey Ray, Thanks a bunch for visiting and for your feedback:)


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