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Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I

How comfortable are you in your own skin?

Can you stay in a room without the radio or TV and just enjoy being by yourself for hours on end; hence, Me, Myself and I; or, are you the restless one who needs to be busy every minute; needs the constant companionship of radio, TV, computer or surrounded by friends.  

Life is comprised of forty percent privacy and sixty percent sociability but given the human behavior, this will vary. 

The total introvert prefers eighty percent privacy and twenty percent sociability. The social aspect is based on necessary interaction with fellow humans.

The extrovert has a huge appetite for life which includes travel and sociability; hence, the Me, Myself and I represent solitude, a negative factor. Their privacy level depends on their needs or mindset. 

The rare “perfect balance” of Me, Myself and I, is the person who is totally comfy in their own skin, embraces both their privacy and the social aspect with their specific circle of friends. They can survive with or without the radio or TV.

The lonely, Only Child, strict upbringing and low-income. Learned to entertain herself and created imaginary friends; hence, Me, Myself and I became a part of life – learning to survive without the small luxuries; then embracing the simple things which other people take for granted.

In another part of town, lived the family of 10 – parents and eight daughters. The eight daughters were spoiled to the core – never wanted for anything and competed against each other; hence, Me, Myself and I were non-existent.

The lonely, only child and the eight daughters were related. Their moms were sisters.

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