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Fully Retired and Back To Work

Fully Retired and Back to Work

My dad's favorite expression was, 

"The hardest thing in life is doing nothing 'cause ya never know when you’re finished".

Retirement is merely ending one journey and beginning another. It should be a fun experience.

Back Then
You probably had a paper route at age 12 or, helped with the family business on some level.

At age 18, you found a job and have worked ever since. It is the only facet of life you know and in which you are comfortable.

You are now fully retired, sipping morning coffee and enjoying the morning newspaper. Just for the fun of it, you read the Want Ads for Job. Gosh, have things changed since you were in the workplace.

You were and still are one smart cookie. You chose to underrate your skills on the application; then, like race horse pacing itself for the finish line, you brought your “A” game and shined like a star.

 Your body tells you it's time to take a break and reward yourself, but your mind says to keep going. You are now standing at life's new crossroads. You can accept the good life and catchup on those hobbies, hang out with the grand-kids or, better yet, see what’s happening in this new world called technology

You never did get to further your education for whatever reason and, yeah, definitely throw in some dance lessons, too; you sat it out at the last two weddings and watched while others had all the fun.

While most companies welcome the “ready to retire” employee's request for an extended stay, other companies often request the retiree's return in the same or, a different capacity and this could be YOU.

Your former workplace regards the “returning retiree” as an exemplary employee with a great track record, as opposed to the younger generation who, with few exceptions, choose to put their personal life before professional commitment.

Money is no longer a major concern. For the most part you have the monthly Social Security and, perhaps, a healthy pension to sustain you; however, truth be told, it's about maintaining your link to sanity which means keeping busy or, my personal favorite, "Keeping Jiggy".

And Now
You see the same job but in a different light. You feel more energized, productive and less stressed because this time you chose to be here.

You also master the computer and are somewhat of a role-model for the younger employees. You share your vintage wisdom on life, along with a few new dance steps; hence you are affectionately known as the office's "Aging Teenager."

Sitting home and watching life go by is unhealthy. The body and mind is a machine that must be well-oiled and exercised on a regular basis; otherwise mental/physical illness will find its way to a permanent stay.

Generally speaking, finding work should not be a taxing experience. At this point in your life, it should be something you enjoy doing and welcome the dollars as well.

Websites now offer employment opportunities for 50+. Computer workshops are also available and recommended for seniors who have an appetite for learning. Knowledge is food for the brain and the brain must be nourished every day. Job descriptions vary from simple to somewhat challenging, depending on your level of comfort.

Age is merely a number; hence, retirement is merely ending one journey and beginning another or, returning to the workplace and showing them what ya got!


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