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Farewell To All

Patience Persist and Pursue will end April 2020. While the visits and pageviews have exceeded over 25 thousand, the cost to maintain my blog has risen and makes no sense to ensue. 

My other blog, is doing very well; hence, I will keep that blog open and cordially invite you to visit, follow and subscribe to that product review blog. 

Please direct inquiries to

That said, once again, many thanks to those who have visited and subscribed. 

God bless!

Lori B 

Something to Think About

Behind You - all memories are tucked away in your heart so no one can never take them from you.

Before You - All your dreams are front and center, waiting to be plucked and pursued into reality. Follow your gut, your heart and your dream - not your parents.

Around You - All who love you. You are surrounded by many people and energies known as frenemies. Society hates success. Pick and choose your friends, especially those whose positive energy is obvious and want only the best for you.d

Within You - Be careful what you wish for, especially "want". God blesses you with what you need; then you take the ball and run with it. You will be surprised what you can and will accomplish!

Take a Moment for HIM

We get so caught up in daily doings that we sometimes or very often forget about our creator. 

Please read the below and feel free to share it with those you love. 

The Other World

Do you believe in the other world or do you believe that when a person dies, they are dead! There are no ghosts or are there?

In the movie, Ghost with Patrick Swayze, he was shot and killed. He gets up to chase the killer but as he looks back at Molly, his wife (played by Demi Moore), he realizes he is actually dead and he is now a ghost unable to touch or communicate with anyone.
When people pass on, sometimes their spirit remains behind for unfinished business. It sounds weird but this is called the paranormal.
Have you ever felt a presence, a breeze or a slight chill in a room when all the windows and doors were closed and locked or, perhaps heard something drop but paid no attention yet wondered how it was on the floor since it was secure on a shelf or table? 
Our deceased loved ones have the means of sending messages of love or warnings.
Sometimes we find ourselves dreaming of our deceased loved ones or friends. The subconscious does amazing things while we sleep.
I was always a bel…

Kelly Monteith Dinner Party Insecurities

Attending dinner parties are a fun event for couples but Kelly Monteith portraits the clueless guest trying to fit in as a single guy.  

The Good Doctor and Autism

TV’s latest hit and hottest show on the network is The Good Doctor (Monday 10pm/Ch.7 (ABC), starring Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shawn Murphy, who’s goal is to be a surgeon, despite his affliction with autism.

If you already are a fan of the show, you are mesmerized with Freddie’s acting and how he flawlessly performs his role.   In several interviews and talk shows, Freddie shares how he had to learn this difficult and challenging role with the support of the show’s consultant, plus his own research on autism.

Since the show debuted three seasons ago, it has brought a new awareness to autism and broken barriers in that those with autism have begun looking at life with new hope and prospective.

They now feel comfortable and relieved about reaching out to express themselves. They are now acknowledged and noticed for what they can contribute to society, rather than dismissed or ignored given their condition.
A Scene from The Good Doctor - The Speech 

While there is no cure, those with autism can…

Training Your Precious Pooch

A trained dog is the best dog.

Dogs communicate through barking, tail-wagging, ears perked up/ears dropped down; they detect positive/negative energy from their humans. Dogs crave love and rewards for good behavior.
Some are rescue dogs and therapy dogs while others have known nothing but abuse for a portion of their lives, making them extra cautious and not easily connected with their fellow four-legged friends, their humans or society itself. 

The TV show, Dogs: Impossible, premiered Sunday September 9th, 10pm on National Geographic’s. Matt Beisner is zen dog founder. He rehabilitates and trains out-of-control dogs to be human-sociable; hence, helps them to love, respect and obey their owners. Why? Matt believes there are no bad dogs - just dogs that need help and love to reconnect and reunite them with society. He calls this 'correction to connection'.

Matt was bitten by a dog when he was a child but later chose to conquer his own fears and reconnect with dogs;  Some of Matt’s…