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New Year, New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings. This means making new resolutions or, perhaps, reinforcing those from last year.
Your New Year’s Resolution should be simple; something you need to do for ‘you’. It’s not about sacrificing what you love best but rather adding something important that fulfills you – body, soul and mind. Less is more. It makes more sense to have one or two meaningful resolutions than having too many that won't have any merit.

Dominique Sachs says it all in this video about being good to yourself and being true to yourself in the New Year.

My Checklist for the New Year

You need not feel ill in order to get your annual checkup. This is call Preventive Care.
Let’s face it: You bring your car in for its annual or bi-annual tune-up; hence, you should love and respect your body in the same way.
Physical, Cardio, Eye-Exam and Dental. Your body takes care of you so you need to keep it in check.
Of course, eating healthy is important. You are what you eat. My post on Portfolio …
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The Best of Sebastian Maniscalco

Laughter is the best medicine and Sebastian Maniscalco is the Master of laughter.

Tips for New Parents

Being new parents is exciting yet a bit scary. You want to do everything right for that new arrival. That little bundle of joy depends solely on you for the ultimate loving care and safety. Babies also detect positive and negative energy; hence, it is important that you provide a happy, loving and clean environment for them.
I was a single, working mom and learned many things on my own. Reading books go just so far but the parental instinct is what really works and will accomplish the necessary.

The first few months
Newborns sleep, eat and poop. Trying to get things done while baby sleeps will only make you more tired and less efficient; hence, new moms should rest or sleep at the same time baby sleeps. This helps fortify you to full capacity for baby’s needs. 

Feeding Time

Babies cannot speak or see just yet but they have different cries for different needs. Whether breastfeeding or giving the bottle, make this time a time for bonding. A rocking chair is perfect for feeding and bonding w…

Before and After Cataract Surgery

Vision is a precious commodity. God gave us one pair of eyes and we need to take good care of them since we cannot navigate without them.
When our vision is blurry, the lens in our eyes get cloudy; hence, cataracts begin to form and need to be removed at some point. 
While cataracts are more dominant in older people or as I prefer to say “aging teenagers”, people in their 40’s and 50’s also have cataract surgery.
I recently had cataract surgery in both eyes. My vision was blurry. I also had a damaged optic nerve, plus borderline glaucoma since my eye pressure was 28 and the accepted pressure is 16 or lower.
Before Cataract Surgery You will be given an eye exam by your ophthalmologist and measured for lens.
You will be given a date for the surgery and three weeks prior to the cataract surgery, the ophthalmologist or, as I (old school) prefer to say eye-doctor sends Presurgical paperwork to your physician for specific blood work. An EKG is also required.
You will receive a call from the h…

Top Consumer Reviews for Best Fruit Baskets

Say It with Fruit, Rather than Flowers
The first thing that comes to mind when celebrating or sending condolences are flowers. Flowers are lovely but their live span is a week or less.
Nowadays people are turning to attractive fruit baskets for all occasions. Fruit is an essential part of our daily food group, plus it nourishes both the body and soul.
I also found a fruit basket is the best way to express one’s condolences in someone’s hour of grief.
Recently, a dear and close friend of mine lost her mate after many happy years of marriage. I had already decided that flowers were not the answer. I wanted to give her something truly special; hence, I choose a gift basket of fruit.
What I didn’t realize at the time was that the big problem would be finding a company that delivered out of state; in my case it was small town in South Carolina.
I searched Consumer’s Report for the best fruit basket company which turned out to be The Fruit Company. The company closes at 2pm on Saturday so I c…

Fred (Astaire) for Your First Dance

Fred (Astaire) for Your First Dance

Remember Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing and the last scene where she successfully executes the lift with Patrick Swayze? Did you know that Jennifer took special dance lessons from Fred Astaire to perfect her notorious lift? 

Dancing with the Stars dance pro, Tony Devolani was also an instructor at the West Side Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Manhattan. Imagine how thrilled his students were and still are to see him on TV.

Simply put, the instructors love what they do and it shows. Positive energy dominates the environment; hence, after the first lesson or two, people actually look forward to returning.

The Fred Astaire Dance Studios (FADS) are reputed as the best in the dance business. Okay, dancing is not for everyone. In fact, the mere mention of the word can clear a room in the blink of an eye but life is about stepping out of one's comfort zone and rising to new challenges. As a trained Fred Astaire original, I have e…

Why Marrying Your Best Friend could be a Mistake

Each of us has that one special someone we have known for most of our life and to whom we can bear our soul without being judged or betrayed. They are our support system 24/ in good times and in not so good times. They are that one positive, constant we depen -->d on to keep us honest and grounded.
Soulmate and best friend are entirely different. A soulmate is someone who encourages us and helps us grow on all three levels – personally, socially and professionally.
We share secrets with our best friend and other stuff we could never share with a family member, other friends or acquaintance; so why is it a huge mistake to fall in love with and marry our best friend?
A best friend means just “that” / someone we turn to for rescue or advice when life’s ocean creates too many ripples and we feel ourselves drowning.

When we marry our best friend, life changes but not always for the better. That person actually stops being our best friend since marriage takes on a different hue and role. M…