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Be True to Yourself

Today’s society and world are a combination of competitive and negative elements. Being true to yourself means staying strong in your convictions and not being influenced by others to serve their purpose. “A Lion is a Lion, even in a cage” You are your own best friend. Trust no one with your deepest secret or dream goals. Jealousy is a disease of the soul and people would rather you see down and out, rather than lend a hand and help you succeed. The bottom line is that most people from suffer from low self-esteem, zero self-confidence and have the need to bring anyone down that will not comply with their wishes; the controlling mechanism activates and they must have their way or animosity prevails. Being the new kid on the block is tough, whether it’s school or a new neighborhood. We want to belong, be accepted without losing our identity to become one-of-them. 
This is the exact quality that makes us stand out from the rest; hence, Be True to Yourself. We can still fit, have our ideas …
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The Good Doctor and Autism

TV’s latest hit and hottest show on the network is The Good Doctor (Monday 10pm/Ch.7 (ABC), starring Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shawn Murphy, who’s goal is to be a surgeon, despite his affliction with autism.

If you already are a fan of the show, you are mesmerized with Freddie’s acting and how he flawlessly performs his role.   In several interviews and talk shows, Freddie shares how he had to learn this difficult and challenging role with the support of the show’s consultant, plus his own research on autism.

Since the show debuted three seasons ago, it has brought a new awareness to autism and broken barriers in that those with autism have begun looking at life with new hope and prospective.

They now feel comfortable and relieved about reaching out to express themselves. They are now acknowledged and noticed for what they can contribute to society, rather than dismissed or ignored given their condition.
A Scene from The Good Doctor - The Speech 

While there is no cure, those with autism can…

Training Your Precious Pooch

A trained dog is the best dog.

Dogs communicate through barking, tail-wagging, ears perked up/ears dropped down; they detect positive/negative energy from their humans. Dogs crave love and rewards for good behavior.
Some are rescue dogs and therapy dogs while others have known nothing but abuse for a portion of their lives, making them extra cautious and not easily connected with their fellow four-legged friends, their humans or society itself. 

The TV show, Dogs: Impossible, premiered Sunday September 9th, 10pm on National Geographic’s. Matt Beisner is zen dog founder. He rehabilitates and trains out-of-control dogs to be human-sociable; hence, helps them to love, respect and obey their owners. Why? Matt believes there are no bad dogs - just dogs that need help and love to reconnect and reunite them with society. He calls this 'correction to connection'.

Matt was bitten by a dog when he was a child but later chose to conquer his own fears and reconnect with dogs;  Some of Matt’s…

Fred (Astaire) For Your First Dance

Everyone remembers Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing and the last scene where she successfully executes the lift with Patrick Swayze. Did you know she took special dance lessons from Fred Astaire for that notorious lift?
Dancing with the Stars’ dance pro, Tony Devolani was also an instructor at the West Side Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Manhattan. Imagine how thrilled his students were and still are to see him on TV.
The Fred Astaire Dance Studios (FADS) are reputed as the best in the dance business. Okay, dancing is not for everyone. In fact, the mere mention of the word can clear a room in the blink of an eye but –life is about stepping out of one’s comfort zone and rising to new challengers.
As a trained Fred Astaire original, I have enjoyed both the student and employee role.
Working out at the gym keeps you fit but dancing or, as I call it – dancercise – is great therapy for the mind and food for the soul. Dance is also referred to as the healthy addiction.
People join dance studios fo…

Dirty Dancing - The Crawling Scene

Everyone remembers the classic, Dirty Dancing, with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey; however, what people do not know is that the Crawling Scene was not planned.
Patrick and Jennifer were doing a warm up practice between scenes then spontaneously did an impromptu to Love is Strange (Loverboy) by Mickey and Silvia.
The Director, Emile Ardolina saw the impromptu, loved it and decided to integrate it into the movie.

Baby Boomers Head to College

Age is merely an illusion. It is the way we show up for the world each day that counts.

Why Marriage is Not for Everyone

You are asking, "What do you mean marriage is not for everyone!" Everyone wants to be married. Little girls plan their fantasy wedding at age eight. Men? Maybe not so much.