What Makes the Perfect House Guest

Invitations are the mainstream of life and a fun thing especially when a common bond is shared by all. Most importantly, the wonderful and welcomed guest is loved and respected when they recognize the invisible boundary of time, knowing when to call it a night without the subtle hint (stifled yawn) from the host.
Make a Good Impression
Begin with a punctual arrival and never empty-handed. Bring the host/hostess their favorite kind of cake, cookies, ice cream or bottle of wine, not yours.

If this is first-time visit, then try a little creativity with the following items and presentation:
I have brought you:
A loaf of bread so you will never go hungry
A box of salt so your life will always have flavor
A scented candle to light your way

This will be forever remembered.

Be the Helpful Guest
Whether it is a simple cake and coffee get together or dinner; offer to help serve and/or clear the table. The host will be grateful and impressed by this gesture.

If your host/hostess decides on dinner at their favorite restaurant, then insist on picking up the tab at least once during your visit. No one likes Alligator Arms (short arms, deep pockets) .
Always be aware of the time. Let not the host visibly stifle a yawn to signal the evening is over. They may insist that it is okay but in their hearts, they will thank you.

The Weekend Invitation
The weekend invite requires extra effort. Awareness, consideration and cleanliness is next to Godliness. They reap their own rewards. The concepts are the keys to an enjoyable and successful visit.
If it is a shared-bathroom arrangement, comply and respect the scheduled use of the facility, clean up after yourself and leave enough hot water for others to use and enjoy.
If you are blessed with the rare luxury of guest-room with private bath, make it a point to keep both areas clean and neat, including making up the bed and doing your own laundry, if necessary.
Being a pampered guest is fun but the independent guest is more enjoyable and will always have a standing invitation.
Offer to help with the chores where possible. Offering to share in the cost of groceries is always considered a definite plus. While it would be most appreciated, it might also be declined. The thought is what counts.
At the end of your stay, the delighted host/hostess will most likely deliver the mother of compliments, "It was such a pleasure having you. We consider you family".

Whether or not we've known our host/hostess a short time or forever, sending them a Thank You Note is always the icing on the chocolate mousse cake.

Image Credit: Jacob Haas https://www.flickr.com/photos/untitled13/67690904/in/photolist-Me11yH-c2KQ89-iNpH9k-6LFj4K-agZNc-bWnFeb-FgWxde-5jXva7-6PRnrk-SDZRB2-ePRyaz-2mNQij-c57o9b-5393hb-uzrWJ-6PRnkP-mTR3ju-c5FHMq-5EfNqh-c5FHWo-DQdtKy-2395Ng-e59uFg-c5FJQs-dsG3Nj-c5FJa9-rZcCy-9MuMhR-SLnrTd-amAmAM-v8ZJ3K-MkvXs5-feSA1H-6piLgN-qQrPuk-6YW9y-dsG3DL-9LN1z-4RFyjr-2z6Hzi-21bsVN-2UoyJi-c5FHFy-c5FJsJ-nMBpRo-aCPT2e-5Z4jDq-dpmqup-rne5mi-ayd92b

Image Credit: Scented Candle