Hear My Roar!

There is nothing in this life that cannot be fixed or resolved; hence, life consists of situations, not problems. Like grandma used to say “there’s a lid for every pot”.

Whether it is parenting, enjoying a relationship or, trying to advance in the workplace, the key ingredients are patience, persistence and pursuit.
Patience:Stand back and view the entire picture.
Persistence: Tool of determination. Stay positive. Let nothing and no one deter you from moving forward.

Pursuit:  Aim high until you achieve that dream/goal.

Favorite Quote


Portfolio of Good Health

“Money makes the world go ‘round, but good health is the one commodity which the almighty dollar cannot buy.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure or, as I prefer to say – One perfect rose is better than a bruised bouquet.
Good health is taken for granted until pain ensues and tests return unfavorable results.

Stress The biggest offender is stress. It comes in all forms and we allow it to control our lives, rather than we controlling ‘it’.
Reducing stress takes discipline and recognizing the cause. Procrastination is one. Putting off the unpleasant tasks or doctor appointments since we are not ready to pursue, yet it haunts us on a daily basis until one morning we awaken and say, “okay, this is! Today it gets done!”
Reducing stress, per se, requires staying calm which is virtually impossible in daily living.The power of positive thinking creates positive energy and helps recharge our mental and physical batteries.
We need to distance ourselves from negative people and ‘ba…

Quotes by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Psychologist

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a noted psychologist and a true inspiration to those who know him and follow him.  

Below are a few of my favorites. 

We are all born geniuses
Life degenius us

Fragrance is forgiveness
Given off by a Lily
That was crushed by a heel

Sell kindness
Purchase bewilderment

Self Actuality
We are "living our lives" on purpose

Our lives are contained in parenthesis 
(nowhere, now-here)

Passing judgement on someone
Because we feel the need to label

It is unfair to invalid another human. 

Paranormal Encounter: The Pearl Earrings

The following is based on a true event.

November of 1994:

After several months of in and out of hospitals,  I decided my mom's declining health would be best attended in a Nursing Home

My extensive commute to and from work in Manhattan, coupled with household responsibilities, made it virtually impossible to give mom the proper home care.

I had just returned from a long visit with mom at the Nursing Home, when the phone rang. It was our family physician announcing that, within one hour of my departure, mom had passed on.

It was bittersweet. For the most part, mom had ruled and controlled my life; yet an empty feeling prevailed since my (at the time) young adult son shared a very special bond with his grandmother.

I took a deep breath; I needed to make arrangements for my mom’s "journey".

The funeral home provided a beautiful blue gown for her. As a Roman Catholic, the traditional rosaries were available for entwining between and over her fingers; however, I chose to break tradi…

How to Roast a Succulent and Perfect Turkey

I have been hosting Thanksgiving 13 years and would really enjoy taking a year off from the Tom Turkey Project; however, there would be a gap.  I have my own way of prepping and cooking the famous bird and feel the need to share with my readers.
I always ordered and cooked the frozen turkey. Then 3 years ago curiosity and a change of pace had me purchase a fresh bird and so glad I did. The only problem is that a fresh turkey does not come with a lifter; hence, I created my own. See the illustration at the end of this article.
Items needed 70 inches of twine for make-shift turkey lifter 4 Sticks Unsalted Butter Salt and Pepper 

Thanksgiving Eve  Remove giblets and anything that doesn't look right. Rinse the bird inside and out. I run a cup of warm salt water through the bird to ensure the insides are clean.
Place in the refrigerator on a shallow pan and cover the bird with plastic wrap. This ensures freshness and keeps the bird moist.
Thanksgiving morning: Remove bird from the refrigera…

Creating the Year Round Wardrobe

When we look good, we feel good. Age is not the issue. This applies to all ladies including the sensual senior citizen.
We open the closet, scan our wardrobe and decide we have nothing to wear for that special event.
The mistake we make is buying clothes that are one-dimensional, impracticable, worn only once then shoved to the back of the closet. A waste of precious dollars.
What’s wrong with this picture? The four seasons no longer exist. We have gone from winter into a few days called spring then smack into the hot days of summer; hence, our wardrobe is no longer preset for any one season. 
Today’s smart fashionista knows that all-year round outfits can be a hit when properly accessorized.

By optimizing our wardrobe, we are simply purchasing accessories for what we already have in the closet; hence, giving each outfit at least two or, three different looks. It is also about being able to dress it up or dress it down. This is less stress on the brain and makes for lighter packing, whil…

Revamp Your Shopping Strategy at the Supermarket

Make the list in advance.Planning the week’s meal,Never Shop on an Empty Stomach. Stay on Budget. Beware of possible food contamination. It’s all about the food. What people do not realize is that there is a right and wrong way to do this.
Make the list in advance. A mental list is okay aisle by aisle if you have the memory of Kreskin but a physical list works better and more efficiently when you write down the items as you run low or completely out of them.  Make certain you have an ample amount of cash in addition to your credit card. Sometimes technology is not friendly at the checkout and cash is the savior.

Planning and cooking in advance for the week. The working professional or homemaker plans, cooks and freezes the week’s meal in advance which is a lifesaver after a long day at work. Plan at least 3 or 4 menus so that variations of these menus may be created as an alternative. 
Never Shop on an Empty Stomach When you are h u n g r y everything looks good and you end up purchasing…